Hearing God's voice

Mark 4:23  If anyone has ears to hear                                                                   It’s a choice

Isaiah 28: 23 Listen and hear Pay attention                                                      Desire to Hear

Luke 8:14 The seed is the word

Those on the path ARE the ones who hear                            Takes faith and obedience

1 John 5 :13 If we ask according to His will He hears us                           Confident in prayer

John 10 1-5 And those who are His, hear His voice and will not listen

To another voice, He calls them by name                                                                  It is personal

Also it should be noted that it is not by position, calling or experience that Jesus made this promise.

It is a promise to everyone who is HIS!      What a great promise.

John 6:45 All those who have heard the Father and learned from Him comes to me(Jesus).

He does not lead you to false religions. He leads you one direction.

Mat 7 15-20  True or false prophets                                                             Fruit gives them away

Also Hebrews 514 says that "those who train themselves in the teaching about righteousness will be able to distinguish good from evil" even if they look the same. If a false Prophet performs a sign then tries to convince you they are hearing The Lord, You will know it for what it is. This is how believers in the last days will not be deceived when False Prophets and false Teachers show up.

1Corinthians 12:7

The  Gifts are given for the common good                                                  Not selfish intent

Acts 9:4 He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

The voice of God will call you personally to repent.

1 Corinthians 13  love is  patient Kind

Love does not boast is not proud does not dishonor

Is not self seeking  is not easily angered keeps NO record of wrongs

Does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth

Always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres

Love NEVER fails

1 Corinthians 14  Pursue Love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts.

There are many references in both the old and new testament referring to people hearing God.

The first references are generally associated with Prophets. Prophets hear from God in different ways and for many different reasons. Moses was spoken to by God directly in stead of in mysteries. Many Prophets hear from God in dreams visions and through words in their spirit. More rarely God's voice is heard audibly.  In the New testament,  the Gift of Prophesy is often confused with the Office of the Prophet. The Office of the Prophet is generally used to defend the Church. More specifically it is used to defend the People from corrupt leadership in the Church. That is why the Fake Church prohibits the Prophet from any form of leadership in the Church. When a Prophet is used by God to rebuke leadership, there will be no mistaking it. It does not ook like the Gift of Prophecy at all.

The gift of prophesy, is for the edification, uplifting and strengthening of the church. The Prophets are included in this.

Luke 11:49  God in His wisdom said . "I will send them  Prophets and Apostles."    Why is this important for the issue of hearing God? Because you cannot be in sin and expect to hear God for long. Remember hearing God is a choice. It is also God's choice as to whether He speaks to you in the first place. Honor God's word and He will honor its promises for you. If you are not willing to repent of living in sin, it is better for you if you do not pursue God to hear His voice.

Acts 5:1-11  In short Ananias and Sapphira presented the Apostles with money from the sale of land. In their pride they boasted that they were donating all the proceeds from the land. That fact was not true they were only donating part. They were confronted by Peter who spoke by the Holy Spirit. When all was said and done, both of them were buried that day.

This is NOT an example of the gift of Prophecy. The gift of Prophecy does not warn, rebuke or expose.

You can however,  hear God for yourself. He will speak through His written word (Bible). He will speak  in your spirit. He may speak to you through other people operating in the Gifts of the Spirit. Either way, He will speak to You according to your faith. Usually the first thing you will hear is an impression that you need to accept Jesus as you savior. Then He will deal with the sin you are in. The Holy Spirit is the perfect teacher and guide.

Make no mistake about it, His goal for you is all good. He is looking to call you friend.

Personally I have witnessed multiple people being told by God events they could not have known. They heard about spouses they had not yet met. Births of children with people who were unable to conceive. Warnings that prevented premature deaths or serious injuries. Words of knowledge that encouraged and delivered people from bondage.

Whenever you think you have heard from God, weigh the content and context against the written word. Hearing the voice of God and the bible never contradict.

Hebrews 4:6 "When you hear my voice , do not harden your heart."  It is almost certain they are not experiencing God's rest.

1 John 5:18 We know that anyone born of God does not continue to sin.

Hearing God's voice should provoke you to repent, lead You to Jesus, keep your heart soft, distinguish between good and evil, keep you from false voices and produce good fruit.

I had a stirring in my spirit one day that lead me to confront a brother in The Lord. I went to His house and told Him the Lord showed me there was a little girl living in the house( I was not aware of that fact) and that he was considering molesting her. He denied the statement. I warned Him to not touch her. Over the years, I would see this man at different events. He constantly came to me to defend himself and prove his innocence. I told Him that his issue was not with me and that I was just the messenger. I said that if I was wrong , that he had nothing to worry about.

He continued to deny what The Lord said for 8 years. Finally He approached me and admitted that what I said was true and that he did not touch the girl because of me coming and confronting him. He then apologized for lying and accusing me of making it up. I told him that the issue was between him and God. He did not lie to me but to the Holy Spirit.

As I turned to walk away the Lord spoke to me again and had me give him another message. I told Him that The Lord says, "in a short time from now you will meet your wife." I told Him I saw four children as well.

I still see Him occasionally. Both of us have never told anyone else this story. We both smile and rejoice at the mercy of God! and I rejoice of a life that was spared misery and turned into a happy life for the little girl and Him, his wife and four children.

When you hear this story, challenging His salvation is not anyone's position. Judging fruit is. He had been abused as a child and struggled with pornography and lust. He told me that he had been crying out for deliverance and my knocking on his door that day was an answer to that prayer. At the time he did not recognize that as the voice of God for him. He does now.