While worshiping on 5/12/18 with a group of worship leaders throughout the area, I had two more visions that day. These two seamed to go together.

  1. I saw a field of beautiful lush grass. The grass appeared to be very well nourished and well watered. I sensed it was a field of Glory. God's Glory.  I was about to share what I was looking at when the woman next to me began to pray for the us and the church in our area to come alive.
  2. Later the vision came back to me only this time there was a young man worshiping the Lord on the same field of grass. I thought I recognized the young man as Joel sitting near me that day worshiping. Joel was part of a worship team from an hour away. 3 of them came that evening. The worship intensified so I did not share what I was seeing. As I waited I saw bodies in the soil below the grass begin to stir. The bodies began to rise up through the soil. As they did I noticed these bodies were alive and well. They seamed nourished and whole. The soil was falling apart around them allowing them to easily come up out of the soil.

When I shared the visions, Joel told me later He immediately  began to shake and in his heart he knew I was talking about him even before I said  what I saw. Another lady said she got the interpretation of the visions as I was sharing them.

Her interpretation was that the people on the grass were receiving life from the ground and life from the air as they worshiped. The people in the soil were the generation before that had plowed the ground and made it so fertile. The two generations were feeding off each other. The older generation providing the nutrients and the wisdom. The younger generation providing the talents and energy.

The younger generation asked to pray for the older generation. While praying, a young lady Christin, sensed God saying that the older generation was actually the seed God used to bring life to the soil.