Joel 2:28-29

I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy.
Your old men will dream dreams,
and your young men will see visions.
In those days I will pour out my Spirit

Dreams are generally warnings in the bible. Good news is they are subject to change.If you get repeated dreams or have a dream that is clearly confirmed. You can change the outcome through prayer. That is way you are getting the dream.

Recently I had 2 dreams.

A friend of mines daughter also had 2 dreams. She told her mother the dreams. When she told her mother the dreams, her mom had an impression  that her daughter should call me about tell me the dreams. When the girl called me and described the first dream, She had my attention. When she began the second dream I had her stop her. I finished the second dream for her. We were both awestruck. We both had the same two dreams. The mom did not know I had those dreams. I did not tell anyone except my wife. The dreams were so strange to me, I did not think they were from God.

After much discussion, we realized neither of us knew the meaning of the dreams. Since the dreams were negative in nature I decided to pray for a better  outcome. I continued to pray  until I had a third dream about the same thing. The difference now was that the third dream started out the same as the second dream only the outcome changed.

A few months later, the dreams played out in real life. The outcome was that of the third dream.
Thank God for dreams!

Visions are generally locked. The vision is a look into the future and how an event played out. They can also be images to help you understand a current situation, or a look into the past to help someone get free.

I recently had a relative ask me to pray for his situation and see if God has something to say about it. We prayed together. I immediately saw a suitcase on the tarmac next to a plane. Then I heard, in my spirit, “leave your bags on the Tarmac.” I had no idea what that meant. The gentlemen thanked me and never said anything.

A few months went by and he called me and thanked me for praying that day. he wanted me to know that the vision came to pass. I asked him to explain what happened. He said that in pilot language “Leave your bags on the Tarmac” means your changing jobs. He was a pilot  and was desiring changing to private jets. That had been a dream for him.

After he got that word, a private jet service at the same airport where he worked, approached him about flying for them. He now flies for the private jet service.

Thank God for visions.
Both dreams and visions can be positive or negative. Either way God promises to give them to you if you desire them. Will he do this for anyone? That is what the book of Joel says. As always it is according to your faith.