Is the Bible really true.

What book can be named that has continually proven its historical and archaeological accuracy enabling finds to be discovered in our day.  None except the bible. If you disagree then lets put any book under a microscope and wait for confirmation. It is not there.

Lets look at it from a another angle.

Here are a few facts spoken of in the bible that science has confirmed. Theses were all proven in the last 150 years.

  1. The earth was covered by water at least once.
  2. The continents were a single land mass called Pangea.
  3. The earths languages were one then distinctly different.
  4. Communicable diseases can be prevented by separation.
  5. The earth is a sphere.
  6. Ephesus was a port city. (It currently is inland 4 miles)
  7. Worldwide visual communications would become accessible.

There are more however, the point is that NO book of science, history, or religion has ever been able to accurately predict more than one future event except for the Bible.


Is the tithe real?.....  Yes

Is it for today?...... Yes but not how you may have understood.

Is it for the Church?.... Yes The Church is no longer referred to as the storehouse. It is for the body of Christ.

Is there times when I should not be tithing to the Church(body of Christ)?...  Yes

Jesus mentioned the tithe when the established Church (pharisees) were pressuring a couple by demanding the tithe from them. The couple needed the money to take care of their parents.

Jesus settled the issue with the couple and related the tithe to one of the ten Commandments (Honor our Mother and Father). He settled the issue for all of us.

Malachi 3:8 is quoted concerning the tithe. Did you know there is another verse in Malachi that prophesies how the New Testament people should handle the tithe. It refers to it as an offering.

The Apostle Paul confirms it to the Corinthians telling them THEY should store up at the beginning of  each week. He further states it is an offering used to meet the needs of God's people (the body of Christ).


Foundations of Faith

Hebrews Chapter 6 makes reference to the basic foundations of Faith that every believer should know and put into practice. In other words: START HERE!

Foundations are considered the doctrine of Christ, the milk of the word or the fundamental teachings.

  1. Repentance from Dead works
  2. Faith towards God
  3. Baptisms
  4. Laying on of hands
  5. resurrection of the dead
  6. Eternal Judgement

These 6 foundations lay the ground work for a stable solid relationship with God. Miracles will not keep you. Having a Christian lineage in the family will not keep you.

Praying a prayer of salvation is only the beginning. These should be read, studied and applied in a practical way.

The foundations will keep you from cults, false teachers false doctrine false Prophets etc.

This is called the milk of the Word. After this we are to move on to the Meat of the Word which is righteousness or Right standing with God.


The Rapture, or the taking away, is referring to an event that Jesus,Paul,Peter,John,James,Luke and more talked about.

Myth: It can Happen any time.

The bible says exactly what signs we will see and where we will see them just prior to it happening. That is why Jesus said no-one will know the hour or the day. We WILL know the season.

Myth: all believers or those waiting for the event are going or have prayed a prayer are going in the rapture event.

The parable about the ten virgins shows that five did not make it.

Myth: It will be so quick the ones left will not know what happened. they will only find piles of clothes where people stood.

Jesus taught two things about the His return.

  1. It would be just like in the days of Noah
  2. It would be like when He left the first time after His resurrection.

From the closing of the Ark door it rained forty days.

When Jesus was resurrected it took seven then forty days until he ascended.


Five Fold Ministry

Jesus said "God in His Wisdom is (future tense) sending forth Apostles and Prophets. He also said they would be killed for their position by religious people.

Just those two (Apostle and Prophet) are referred to by the Apostle Paul indicating that they have things revealed to them by the Spirit (Holy Spirit).

Also Paul wrote that the Church is built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets.

Paul then writes to the Ephesians to explain more and that beyond the Apostle and Prophets are the evangelist, pastor and teacher.

To the Corinthians Paul leaves out the Pastor and talks about the Apostle, Prophet, teachers, miracles, gifts of healing, helps, governing, diverse tongues.

At no point does the Apostle Paul ever leave out Apostle or Prophet.

We need the gifts of the Five fold ministry.

We will look into where they are and how to benefit from them.



Heaven or Hell


This ties into the foundations of Hebrew chapter 6. The judgements and the resurrection.

The bible talks about two judgements that determine your eternal future.

  1. The Judgement seat of Christ
  2. The Great White Throne Judgement

Lets start with the Judgement seat of Christ.

A. It is only for believers in Jesus Christ.

B. Jesus is given the position of judge

C. It occurs at the death or the rapture of the believer.

D. It is only a Judgement of rewards.

E. It closes after the Rapture of the Church.

F. It is clearly the best place to be you avoid the next judgement.

This is taught in the foundations

The next Judgement is referred to as the Great White throne Judgement. This closes the age of Mankind on this earth. it is a second chance for those who did not go in the first.






God loves a cheerful giver.


There is a scriptural answer for this. The Apostle Paul suffered at the hands of the established church of the time. All because of this issue. He was telling the believers to store their money to prepare for helping other believers in need. The established church did not like this.

We are all told to study to show ourselves approved. Lets leave preconceived ideas aside and read all the scriptures concerning tithes, offerings and giving.

These topics are binding believers

It is always Gods plan for us to have freedom. Jesus said that if we know and apply the truth we will be set free from the bondage (the misconceptions). Most of us don't realize that we are caged until we get up and walk out.

It will take courage and determination to do that. It took all of that and more for the Israelite's to listen to Mosses and head for the Red Sea.

We are placing the full teachings of each of these topics on the Site for you. Decide for yourself.


Next Steps...

So lets take one at a time. They are big subjects by themselves. We hope that through this freedom will be yours and a fulfilling walk with Your God will be the result.