Is the Bible really true?

The bible is said to be inspired by God. Most people and religions believe that. Most believe at least  the old testament is God inspired.

The bible has accurate Geological, archaeological and historical proof of past events. The bible also has prophetic accuracy of events to later occur. The proper use of the scientific method has validated the bible over the past 150 years.

Did you know that many Middle Eastern Muslims believe the book of Acts?

Find out why.

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There is something about the tithe that the Church of today has not seen?

Jesus spoke about the tithe and related  it to the ten commandments. But maybe not the way you have understood it.

The book of Malachi refers to the tithe under Old Testament process Malachi 3:10. The same book has a prophesy concerning a change to the Tithe that is for the New Testament Church Malachi 1:11.

If the tithe is different from what you assumed it was, then is it time to get up to date?

There are rewards for those who by faith obey God's words

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Foundations of Faith

The Manual for life!

The bible is referred to as the manual for life. If it is than does It have a "begin here."?

The bible does have a starting point for new and seasoned believers.

An infant begins life with milk and then moves on to solid food.

We are referred to as infants and in need of milk (elementary teachings).

Lay this foundation as described in the Bible and the promise awaits for you to be able to withstand any storm unharmed.


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The Rapture

Why is there so much emphasis put on a word (rapture)?

No one will know the day or the hour but there are definite signs we will see just prior to this event?

You can  know what will be happening just prior to the rapture occurring.  Jesus, John and Joel gave us insights so that we would not be caught off guard. Unbelievers will be caught off guard. For the believer, the rapture should be the the fifth sign following three other events that no one will miss.

Jesus said the wise will remain ready and should not be caught off guard!


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Five Fold Ministry

There are five offices for the church spoken of in the New Testament.

Jesus said, "God in His wisdom is sending us Apostles and Prophets".

Since Jesus himself said this, we need to look at the church the way He does? He had a defined plan to establish and keep the Church. A plan to keep the gates of hell from prevailing.

Paul the Apostle refers to five main Offices for the Church. They are also called gifts to the Church.




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Heaven or Hell

Most believers think that God is merciful now, then when they die, the judgement comes?

Most unbelievers think that, if there is a God,  He is judgmental now, but He will be merciful when they die.

Can believers go to hell? Can non-believers get into heaven?

The bible is actually clear about all of these questions.

The first judgement includes only believers.

The second judgement has both believers and non-believers there. The deciding factor for them may surprise you.

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Mathew 7:24 He who hears my words and puts them into practice, is like a man building his house on a solid rock foundation, and will be safe when storms hit.

Welcome to the Web Site This video explains why we put this together. With so many online preachers and televangelists, why bother with more information.

Ask yourself this.

Are you free?      Are you withstanding the storms?      Are you content?    Are you  overcoming the world?

If the answer is no to any of those, then this Site is for you. I am free! I have withstood every storm unharmed! I am fully content. I am over-coming the world.

We want you to experience the freedom of a firm foundation. As Jesus said to many people,"Go home and sin no more." In other words, go enjoy your freedom! For most of us we are not called into the ministry. We are however called to live an abundant life free from fear.

There is a path through God's word that puts us on the narrow and straight. It keeps you from the snares of life and leads you into freedom. It is called the path of righteousness. The path of righteousness will overwhelm you with God's peace and fill you with His joy. His joy provides strength that you do not have. His peace overcomes the world and his righteousness gives you ears to hear and eyes to see. Study to show yourself approved and experience the true freedom Jesus was sent here for. Life and life to the fullest. God's word is powerful and when applied, will do all  the heavy lifting.

Haven't you been stolen from long enough? Then lets dive in.

Next Steps...

The  bible is truly the word of God, and it says how to do this thing called church.